Anxiety/Panic attacks

Hypnotherapy is very effective for relieving anxiety and/or panic attacks.  Feelings of anxiety or panic are part of a natural process that happens within your body when it senses that it is in danger.  The feelings that you get are mainly caused by adrenaline being released into your system.  This is an innate mechanism that prepares you for fight or flight.  In simple terms it makes you stronger and faster.  Early man would have needed this to run from or combat predators and it is still useful to us today in certain circumstances.  The problem only arises when a person’s subconscious mind perceives things as a dangerous, or a threat, when consciously they know that the situation isn’t a matter of survival.

Hypnotherapy can allow a client’s subconscious mind to recognise that this anxiety or panic is not useful to them in the situations that they are experiencing them in.